The empowering podcast dedicated to unlocking your Inner Power, fostering self-belief, and embracing the resilience within. Join us on a transformative journey where we explore the depths of human potential and the unwavering spirit that propels us forward.

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Latest Episodes

Dog eat Dog World

Summary In this conversation, David reflects on the influence of his father and the concept of having a ‘dog mentality’. He discusses the importance of resilience, determination, and being...

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Mentor and Mentee…

Summary In this conversation, David discusses the mentor and mentee relationship and the challenges that arise from misconceptions about the role of a mentor. He emphasizes that a mentor...

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Comparing Yourself to Others

Summary In this conversation, David discusses the negative effects of comparing oneself to others. He highlights how comparing can lead to feelings of inadequacy, lowered self-esteem, and mental health...

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True to Yourself

Summary The conversation revolves around the theme of being true to oneself and the importance of authenticity in personal and professional relationships. The speaker reflects on the advice his...

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Grateful and gratitude and still not satisfied!

Delve into the complex interplay of gratitude and ambition in our podcast. We discuss the importance of acknowledging and appreciating what we have while maintaining a hunger for growth.

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Quitting vs Giving Up

The fine line between giving up and quitting. Why it is important to know the difference.

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DogMentality and why we created this channel.

DogMental was created to help us join together to build and explore how this unique mindset can create unwavering mentality that is defined by drive, resilience, and tenacity. One...

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The Essence of DogMentality

DogMentality encapsulates a mindset defined by resilience, tenacity and relentless pursuit of the life you desire. Inspired by the unyielding spirit of a determined underdog, this mentality embraces challenges,...

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Mindset vs Mentality

Join us as we unravel the nuances that differentiate mindset from mentality and discover the profound impact each can have on personal growth and well-being.

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Welcome to “DogMental”

Welcome to DogMental, the podcast that digs deep into the power of self-belief and authenticity. Life is a journey filled with setbacks and road bumps, but it’s those who...

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